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Data Recovery for Floppy, ZIP and Jaz disks:

Are you are in need of emergency disk data recovery services?


Please contact one of our recovery technicians and learn how Data Recovery USA Inc. can help recover your floppy, Zip, Jaz and LS-120 disks. We are available 24 hours a day 365 days a year to provide assistance for all your disk data recovery needs. The call is toll free and you will speak directly to a trained recovery technician.

Disk data recovery covers a wide range of problems. We simplify the recovery process by separating these jobs into two categories, physical disk recovery and logical data repair. Our prices are flat rates depending on what type of recovery you need. The evaluation is free you have nothing to lose and your lost data to gain.

Logical Data Repair - This type of recovery is defined by corruption of data files or formatted disks. Data that has been deleted or infected with a virus are all forms of logical recoveries. In some cases you will receive errors such as...

  • Cyclic Redundancy Check
  • Bad FAT
  • Damaged File Allocation Table
  • A:\ is not accessible. The device is not ready.
  • Accidentally Deleted or Formatted Disk
  • "Disk Not Found"
  • Bad Sectors
  • I/O Errors
  • Track Errors
  • Read / Write Errors
  • Incomplete Disk Write
  • The disk in drive A: is not formatted
    Do you want to format it now?
  • Boot Sector Errors
  • Damaged ROOT Folder
  • Many Other Disk Errors and Problems

If you are suffering from a logical disk error don't hesitate to contact one of our skilled data recovery technicians. The call is free and so is the evaluation. We are so confident we can help you we are willing to stake our time on it. We offer a No-Data No-Charge policy. In other words if we can't recover your data you will not be charged a thing. However, when we are successful recovering your disk, and we are very confident we will, you will be charged according to the list below. These prices are flat rates and will not change unless priority service is requested. In this case there will be an extra $100.00 fee added to the cost of the recovery.

  • 1.44mb Floppy disks = $100.00
  • LS-120 = $150.00
  • Iomega Zip disks 128 - 256Mb = $150.00
  • Zip Disks Larger than 256Mb = $200.00
  • 1Gb Jaz Disks = $250.00
  • 2Gb Jaz Disks = $300.00

Physical Disk Recovery - This type of recovery is the most difficult and is defined by some type of damage to the media such as scratches, impact or elemental damage and in some cases even cracked disk covers. In these cases recovery is more difficult but still possible. We are still able to offer free evaluations and of course our standard No-data No-charge policy. Due to the more difficult nature of physical recoveries there is a slight difference in the cost of recovery. These are reflected in the list below...

  • 1.44mb Floppy disks = $175.00
  • LS-120 = $225.00
  • Iomega Zip disks 128 - 256Mb = $225.00
  • Zip Disks Larger than 256Mb = $300.00
  • 1Gb Jaz Disks = $350.00
  • 2Gb Jaz Disks = $400.00

We would like to take a moment and thank you for your interest in our Floppy, Zip and Jaz disk recovery service. It is our goal to provide you with fast, reliable service at an affordable price. It makes no difference if you are a large corporation or an end user. Your job is important to us no matter how large or small. Please feel free to contact us anytime.


Technicians are standing by 24 /7 to help with all your data recovery needs.


Don't hesitate to call us anytime day or night!

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